Your go-to sparring partner within the energy transition

With hydrogen and renewable energy solutions at the core, Greensight focuses on four different business areas. Using our hands-on experience our experts provide advisory services on technical solutions, market analysis, business modelling and strategy for the full value chain within each of the business areas.

From production to application

Hydrogen Value Chain

The market for hydrogen is constantly changing and evolving. This is a product of its immaturity and requires a hands on approach to stay updated. Greensight has extensive insight in the entire hydrogen value chain.

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Low-emission fuels

Maritime Energy Transition

Hydrogen, ammonia and other zero-carbon fuels are key for decarbonising the maritime sector. We provide services to ship owners, ports and fuel suppliers to meet the future energy requirements.

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Carbon intensive industries

Industrial Hydrogen

Industrial Hydrogen refers to the decarbonisation of land-based industry by use of hydrogen as an energy carrier. Utilisation areas are heat, feedstock to various industrial processes or reduction agent in the production of certain metals.

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energy transition

Renewable Energy Systems

The energy transition requires efficient renewable energy systems. Balancing of variable power sources is crucial to obtain stability in the grid. Greensight specialises in optimisation of energy systems and balancing.

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