We aim to be the go-to sparring partner within hydrogen solutions.

With hydrogen at the core, Greensight focuses on four different business areas. Using their hands-on experience, our experts provide advisory services on technical solutions, market analysis, business modelling and strategy for the full value-chain within each of the business areas.


Renewable hydrogen is known technology.

Making it profitable requires good planning and knowledge of essential cost drivers.

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Zero Emission Transport

How far are you going?

With the aim to speed up the green conversion, we help you compare different zero and low-emission solutions with existing fossil solutions within land-based and maritime transport.

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Maritime Energy Systems

Ports can become energy hubs

Today's ports are facing a major transition. They must be ready to offer new energy solutions, both to vessels, cargo handling and land transport in connection with the port.

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Decarbonization of carbon intensive industries

The industry sector is responsible for a large share of the global energy emissions. Carbon intensive industries can is be hard to decarbonize, but we have insights on renewable solutions.

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