Milestones for hydrogen in 2020​

Contrary to what one might think, Covid19 has not put an end to the wave of new hydrogen projects. A lot has happened over the past year, and through our newsletters we have seen that even more parties have shown an increased interest in hydrogen.

To get a better overview, we have chosen to highlight a few events that are very important when it comes to causing competition between technology providers, which leads to the best zero-emission solutions with the use of hydrogen in Norway.

June 3rd – The government presented the Norwegian hydrogen strategy. The hydrogen strategy received feedback from the industry, criticizing the lack of specific goals.

July 2nd – The results of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s hydrogen tests of large-scale spill of liquid hydrogen were announced. The results will contribute to better knowledge about the safety and design of future hydrogen systems.

July 2nd – In the wake of the Norwegian hydrogen strategy, The Research council assigned NOK 38 million to hydrogen research projects.

July 8th – The launch of the EU Hydrogen Strategy. The strategy was a long-desired and important milestone that show that hydrogen is one of EU’s area of commitment when it comes to reduce emissions.

October 7th – The government proposed to allocate NOK 100 million for a strengthened hydrogen investment in the state budget for 2021, with special emphasis on supporting the development and establishment of infrastructure. Compared to other European countries, the authorities in Germany has announced an allocation of EUR 9 billion, France and Portugal have allocated EUR 7 billion.

November 2nd – Hydrogen is set as a demand for the new tender on Vestfjorden ferry connection. A milestone that can work as a kickoff for large-scale hydrogen production in Norway as the ferry on Vestfjorden is a large customer of hydrogen. Large hydrogen production makes hydrogen available in the region for other hydrogen projects to start up. A milestone for Glomfjord hydrogen in which Greenstat is a co-owner.

December 9th – Norway was not mentioned in the EU’s hydrogen investment and several were afraid Norway would not be a part of the hydrogen commitment. In December, the government secured Norwegian participation in IPCEI, «Important projects of common European interest», which will support the development and market introduction of innovative hydrogen technologies and solutions. Norwegian participation in IPCEI give Norwegian companies the opportunity to take part in European hydrogen investments. This could be an important meeting arena for interconnection and coordination of European hydrogen projects.

December 17th – In 2020, Pilot-E supports three hydrogen projects with a total of 70 MNOK. These are important projects that will contribute developing the hydrogen value chain from distribution to use. It is possible that a second allocation will happen in January 2021, and we are waiting to see if Greenstat Hydrogen’s consortium H2 marine will receive an allocation.

With this, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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