Greensight Hydrogen Economics Tool – profitable hydrogen business models.

hydrogen economics tool

Understanding how to get the most out of investments in zero emission solutions is maybe more important than ever, and our Hydrogen Economics Tool has you covered.

Greensight continue to work with hydrogen and forecasting production costs as industries, markets, and technologies develop and change.

We have developed Greensight Hydrogen Economics Tool for use in calculating hydrogen production prices and required sales prices to realize real business models that are profitable and sustainable.


What this tool does:

The Hydrogen Economics Tool enables us to calculate, visualize, and evaluate hydrogen production prices from a total value chain aspect using specific inputs relevant to the case analysed. The tool works for hydrogen in both compressed and liquefied states and for on-site or distributed use.’

How it works:

Specific data inputs relevant to the project such as required hydrogen outputs in the short and longer term, technical aspects, equipment costs, operating costs and electricity prices are gathered together into a techno-economic model.
The model calculates the specified results such as cash flow, ROI, payback period, cost per kg H2 by category and displays it in both numerical and graphical representations for further analysis.

What this tool enables:

Feasibility Analysis:

The tool enables fast feasibility analysis of different hydrogen production plants so that business’ can identify best opportunities available today and to strategize to develop opportunities for tomorrow.

Detailed analysis:

The tool enables detailed results on each aspect of the hydrogen production value chain allowing decision makers to identify and focus their efforts on the aspects that are both influenceable and important in order to realize the best results.


The tool enables directly comparable results and analysis of different investments, production plant setups.


Often hydrogen calculations are done with rules of thumb; such as electricity is 80% of the cost of hydrogen or maintenance is 5% of the initial capital cost. The Hydrogen Economics Tool uses specific real-world inputs to simulate actual results on specific cases.


The tool has add-inns to integrate sale of excess heat and oxygen from the electrolysers.


Who can benefit from the use of this tool?


Hydrogen consumers (current or prospective) who are looking to understand the cost of producing hydrogen for their own use or for use in negotiations with hydrogen suppliers.

Hydrogen producers who want to understand the true cost of hydrogen production and investigate different business cases and understand trade-offs between investments in different designs.

Energy producers who have VRE (Variable Renewable Energy) and want to take control of the variability of electricity production through the use of hydrogen to optimize time of electricity production.

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